For more information about volunteering, email the Steering Committee. Part of being in the MARC Sharks Family means every family volunteers in some way. There are opportunities outside of meets, things that can be done at home. Just a few hours each summer means we have a well run, organized team.

Sign-Up Genius Lists will be created for each  meet. The link will be emailed to families each week. Make sure you receive our emails. First come, first pick!! We encourage you be cross-trained on a few jobs so we are always covered!

You cannot to sign-up for a position for the entire season. Sorry!

MARC_volunteers_meet  They say it takes a village- well it does if you want to have a successful swim meet! Here is a list of all the positions we have during a meet.

MARC_volunteers_nonmeet  There is also plenty of other things that need to be done outside of the meets. Prefer to sit and watch at a meet? Can’t make it because of work? Why not choose one of these positions?

MEET Volunteer Opportunities:

Announcer [1] [HOME MEETS ONLY!]  

  • Greets the crowd, Thanks sponsors and volunteers, announces National Anthem.
  • Call for the volunteers to report to their stations.
  • Call for the first group of swimmers to report to the Clerks of Course. Make a last call for the first event.
  • Continue to make calls for all events until the end of the meet.
  • Report score of the meet as necessary. Announce final score.
  • Make special announcements as necessary.

Time Commitment: Work whole meet near Hut (microphone!) Ideal for outgoing parent!

Starter [2] [HOME MEETS ONLY!]

Start each event using prescribed commands and method to judge false starts. Training required. See “Clinics for Special Volunteers”

  • Using the Starter’s Script, Issue the command to the swimmers to step up and take their mark, and then start the race.
  • Repeat until the last heat of your assigned half

Time Commitment: Attend training; Work one half of the meet

Meet Central Starter [2]

Starts each event on their iPhone as Starter starts Bullhorn; Switch events as completed. Keep an eye on TIMERS for needs.

Time Commitment: Attend Meet Central Training Work one half of the meet

Head Place Judge [2]

(1st place for home meets/2nd place for away meets) Watching from the side of the pool, monitors each main event and calls the swimmer that finishes in the assigned place. Also serves as lead place judge (oversees and provides guidance to the other place judges) for the entire meet.

Time Commitment: Work one half of the meet

Place Judge(s)/Heat Judge(s) [4]

(3rd & 5th place for home meets/ 4th & 6th place for away meets) Watching from the side of the pool, monitors each main event and calls the swimmer that finishes in the assigned place.

Determine 1st place winner in heats and hand out heat participant ribbons.

  • Pick up Heat Winner ribbons/prizes and Heat Participant ribbons/prizes from the Ribbon Organizers at the Ribbon table.
  • You only judge heats for 9/10 swimmers, 7/8 swimmers, and 6 and under swimmers
  • Stand and the ending side for 25 yard races
  • Converse with your partner (there are two heat judges per half) to determine who has lanes 1-3 and who has lanes 4-6
  • Work with your partner to determine the heat winner for each heat.
  • Distribute Heat Winner ribbons/prizes to each heat winner and Heat Participant ribbons/prizes to each participant.
  • At the end of the last event in the first half of the meet, turn over ribbons/prizes to your replacement.

Time Commitment: Walking pool deck during one half of HOME meet.

Lead Timer [2]

Not assigned to a specific lane. There to provide assistance to timers. USING iPHONE. Offer training and guidance to new timers. Training Required.

Not assigned to a specific lane. There to provide assistance to timers.

Time Commitment: Work one half meet

Timer [6]

Record times of all swimmers in an assigned lane. Training Required.

  • At home timers work lanes 1,3 and 5. Away timers work lanes 2, 4, and 6.
  • The MC Starter will start your iPhone’s timer for each event/heat.
  • Stop your stop watch when the swimmer in your lane either, touches the wall (if they are 7 and up) or crosses the rope with any part of their body (6& under). Stop the timer and soon as one piece of their body crosses the rope.
  • Record the swimmer’s 3 digit ID number in the iPhone. If you had no swimmer in your lane, hit “Empty Lane”
  • If the swimmer is from the other team and does not have a number- use 111.
  • For relays- you must enter all 4 swimmers’ ID numbers, 3 during the realy and the 4th when you stop the watch at their finish.
  • If you have any trouble with timing, RAISE YOUR HAND for Lead Timer.

Time Commitment: Work one half of the meet

Stroke & Turn Judge [2]

Judge correct strokes/turns in assigned three lanes. Training Required.

  • During the main events, look for infractions and disqualify swimmers as necessary on iPhone and paper if the other team is not using Meet Central.
  • Give disqualified sheets to runners after each main event.
  • Repeat the process until all main events for your assigned half of the meet are completed.
  • At the end of the last event in the first half of the meet, turn over your Pinnie to your replacement

Time Commitment: Attend training. Work one half of the meet

Recorder [2] [HOME MEETS ONLY!]

Record official results for each main event for scorer.

  • Take the events line up sheet for each main event from Runner
  • Use the main event line up sheet to record the results observed by the Place Judges.
  • Give the completed main event line up sheets to Runner
  • At the end of the last event in the first half of the meet, turn over your Pinnie and clipboard to your replacement.

Time Commitment: Walking pool deck during HOME meet. Main events and relays only.

Runner [2]

Take official times from recorder to scorer. Take DQ (disqualified swimmers) slips from judges to scorer.

Time Commitment: Walking pool deck during one half of meet.

Clerk of Course [4]

At blocks, line up swimmers for events. Boys & Girls.

  • For point scoring main events, work with Clerk of Course from other team to line up the swimmers according to the event line up sheet. (this sheet shows the swimmers’ lane assignments)
  • Give the event sheet to the runner once swimmers are lined up.
  • Follow the same instructions for each main event until your shift is up.
  • Heat line ups do not have to be as precise as the paper trail ends with the kid pusher. Just be expedient.
  • If you are clerking the first half, give the second half clerks of course your Pinnie at the end of backstroke.

Time Commitment: Work one half of the meet

Kid Pusher [6]

Help get younger swimmers to Clerk of Course in time for their events. 6 & unders, 7-8, 9-10; boys and girls.

  • After the Clerks of Course calls your group to the starting end of the pool, gather them up and organize them in order for that event at the starting end of the pool. Use the event line up sheet.
  • Keep them organized at the starting end until their event is about two heats away. At that point, your responsibilities are diminished, as the Clerks of Course will direct the swimmers to their lanes event by event. The Clerks of Course seats the swimmers; the pusher does not.
  • Once your responsibilities at the starting end are complete, move away from that end and retreat back to the holding area as the swimmers complete their races.
  • If your are pushing six and unders, you will sometimes be called upon to push all heats for six and unders at the start of the meet. Otherwise, you will need to pay attention to announcements, to know when it is time to push your group again.

Time Commitment: Work the whole meet, the event of the age group you are pushing only. (ex. All 7-8 girl events) Ideal for parents of children in these age groups.

Ribbon Organizer/Writer [2]

  • Order ribbons/goodies for the season.
  • Prepare labels for each meet. Write labels for each event during meet.
  • Organize in ribbon box for pick-up at pool after meet.

Time Commitment: Prep time can be done at home. Work whole meet at ribbon table.


Keep official tally of points. Keep track of records. Training Required.

  • Get Scorer’s iPad from Meet Director once the Huddle is started.
  • Obtain main event sheets from recorder and score results after making adjustments from disqualification sheets. Make disqualifications on event sheets.
  • Keep a running tally of score on paper. Keep watch of Meet Central score on iPad that times are coming in.
  • Also, check to see if new pool’s records have been set. If a record has been set, record the swimmer’s name, team name, event name and time for the new record.
  • NOTE: See tips for Scoring and Ribbon Writing in the TSA Meet Overview Packet for more information. This can be obtained from the Meet Director.
  • After tallying final score, obtain signature from TSA Rep.

Time Commitment: Sit at scorer table, work whole meet

Concessions [8] [HOME MEETS ONLY!]

Sell/serve concessions including but not limited to: pizza, baked potatoes, subs, candy, drinks, packaged ice cream.

Time Commitment: Work half the meet in Hut. If enough people volunteer you can easily leave to watch your swimmers and get some fresh air!

Set-Up Crew [4] [HOME MEETS ONLY!]

Set-up for meet (see Check List)

Time Commitment: Arrive at pool at 4 pm, finished as meet starts. Ideal for parents not working traditional 9-5 job

Clean-up Crew [6] [HOME MEETS ONLY!]

Tear Down (see Check List)

Time Commitment: At end of HOME meets only. Ideal for parents who arrive late to meets and want to watch the whole thing.


MARC Chairperson

  • Create, maintain and share yearly calendar
  • Organize and hold steering committee meetings (create agenda) – monthly as needed
  • Work with treasurer to create budget
  • Oversee purchase of all new team equipment, swim suits, apparel, etc.
  • Oversee hiring of coaches
  • Receive TSA emails- keep up with TSA rules, changes, meetings etc. Ensure TSA reps are attending, etc.
  • Produce regular communications to team (email and social media).
  • Maintain/use Remind 101 texting app with coaching staff for updates to team
  • Organize volunteer positions that are outside of the meet (includes team picture photographer, HUT, trophies, sponsors, banquet, etc.).
  • Work with other volunteers to ensure t-shirts, forms, signs, banners, etc. are created in a timely manner.

MARC Treasurer

  • Attends steering committee meetings.
  • With help of Chair, maintain database of team families.
  • Reconcile previous season’s budget
  • Create next season’s budget
  • Partner with Pool Board to assure Hut is being run efficiently.
  • Make recommendations to Steering Committee for registration fees, coaches’ salaries etc.
  • Manage checking account and Square account
  • Make deposits; pay vendors
  • Keep timesheets; coaches’ paychecks
  • Manage Invitational finances

MARC Secretary/Historian

  • Attends steering committee meetings.
  • Keeps any notes or minutes at meetings, report back to group.
  • Research team records and maintain spreadsheet of Team and Pool records.

MARC Meet Director

  • Attends steering committee meetings pre-season.
  • Act as Meet Central representative.
  • Make sure meet containers are stocked at beginning of season.
  • Pre-season, confirm sound system is working.
  • Act as volunteer coordinator during meet.
  • Pre-meet:
  •         -Introduce yourself to the other team’s TSA reps/leaders
  •         -Set-up and maintain sign-in sheets for swimmers
  •         -Ready Meet Central technology
  •         -Make sure sound system is working (home meets only)
  •         -Make sure Swimmer Line-Up/Heat Sheets are displayed.

TSA Representative(s)

  • Attends steering committee meetings pre-season.
  • Makes sure all meet forms are ready pre-season (Event sheets, DQ slips, etc.)
  • Represents the swim club on the TSA board of directors.
  • Works as the representative of the TSA at the season’s meets.
  • Sets up officials meeting before the meets.

Pool Board Liaison (appointed by Pool Board)

  • Attends steering committee meetings.
  • Facilitates conversations with swim team committee and pool board.
  • Communicates pool management, physical plant update changes, etc. to swim team.
  • Reports back to pool board swim team decisions regarding schedule, etc.